You know the old adage; “A carpenter’s home is never finished.” In much the same way it’s a struggle to make time to work on Debut Creative products like a portfolio when there’s so much engaging client work to be done.

That said we will endeavour to compile some of our best work in the very near future. In the meantime here are some links to sites we’ve done.

Campus Trails

I had a great hand in developing the Campus Trails brand. I designed the logo, I came up with the name (they accepted my change from the originally proposed “Canadore College and Nipissing University Education Center Trails Network”) , I developed the trail signage and maps, and I designed the site. Read the Case Study.

Nipissing University Prospective Students

Summer 2008 working with contractors Clark Marketing Communications and Nipissing University I designed and developed the Prospective Students subsite. It was fun to work within the institutions existing ASP web framework, while going a little outside of the box to make this design stand out from the rest of the university pages.

Re/MAX Kincardine

The local Re/MAX was having difficulty with SEO. As they had no control over the regional site they opted to create their own portal site that would point to the listings on the parent site. When creating a site for a national company it’s important to consider the brand. A quick look at other Re/MAX branches across the country showed no consistency. I made sure to maintain a similar feel to some of the larger sites while avoiding some pitfalls the primary colour scheme had on other sites. The result is a clean site that ranks well.

Kincardine Independent

Fall 2008 marked the rebrand of Kincardine’s very popular independent news publication. This site sees a couple thousand unique visits every week. They are the most important demographic to consider when doing a redesign of a site; and they can be alienated very easily. The design on this site is sparse to reflect the simplicity of the previous design. This site is built with the Drupal CMS, with a full administrative back-end allowing the client to easily add and manage all site content. Since launching site traffic has increased. Read the Case Study.

Chantal Dubé – Harpist

Chantal is an old friend of mine whose website needed a big facelift. With this redesign I brought out a lot more of the elegance of class that the harp and classical performance lends itself towards. Chantal gave me a shining testimonial when she said that this site has more than doubled her business. (You can read more testimonials here).