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May 25th, 2009 | Tutorials

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is as important today as it has ever been. We’re well beyond a trillion web pages on the Internet now; and the more crowded it gets the harder it can be to be heard. SEO can be a complicated beast; Google was reported as changing their search engine algorithm over 400 times in 2007. That’s more than once a day! 

There is a lot of documentation on improving your sites SEO; and it is often broken down into a few key practices:

  1. Site accessibility
  2. Site Content using keywords
  3. Absence of black-hat tactics
  4. Relevant links

(You can read about these in detail from many sources, this Boag World article is quite succinct).

It seems a great majority of articles I read, and podcasts I hear on the subject focus on the Accessibility, Content, and Best-practices aspects of SEO, and little is said about the links. 

The very thought of “link backs” for me conjures up a notion of some bake-sale trading game, or worse an expensive ad campaign. I have found personally (as opposed to company SEO) that getting relevant links can be a lot easier and less dreadful. 

In short I think the answer is simple: Enjoy the internet

The internet has been like a second home to me for the last fifteen years. I’ve been checking out sites and communities and signing up where I thought some involvement / experimenting / playing were warranted. I almost always have used some variation of usernames like arleymcblain or ArleyM. Sites requiring a username often give you the option to link back to your site, and I happily take that offer every time. 

As a result of these years of exploring the web I rank quite well in Google by my name or username arleym. Admittedly, the uniqueness of my name and choice of username have played a great role in this as well.

These accounts and profiles showing up in search engines could be a curse as well as a blessing – this info may become your first impression.

The internet can be a fun place, so I encourage you to enjoy it and get involved (responsibly of course ;). Sign up, read, watch,  make comments, subscribe, rate, and explore.

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