The Underestimated Importance of SEO

September 2nd, 2009 | Industry

I am so glad my parents named me the way they did.

Arley McBlain (and by extension “ArleyM”) Googles very well. Thinking to the future when we start having kids, I feel pressure to come up with a unique name for a kid. SEO is so important!

We are a search engine culture. Life is full of questions, and Google has the answers (well, so do many other search engines, but c’mon. Google’s killing it out there!). If I need a phone number I won’t ever go to a phone book. If I want to know some fact I won’t even go to Wikipedia; I’ll let Google find that for me.

How important is search engine optimization? Important enough that a town in France has started the long legal battle to change it’s name from “Eu”; which was competing with the popular acronymn for the European Union.

Marketing, networking and sweat will still make or break your site; but as much as a half of traffic going to most of the sites I monitor on Google Analytics see their traffic from search engines (over direct traffic and referrals).

Yet despite this, I often see 100% Flash sites with no SEO considerations. Daily I see businesses with title images without alt or titles. Google keeps their search algorithm a tightly guarded secret (and rightly so), but there are some obvious things that you simply must be doing to keep your sight as SEO’d as possible.

The Internet is too big to assume that if you build it that the people will come.

Alas, I couldn’t embed this video: Googling with Bing.

2 Responses to “The Underestimated Importance of SEO”

  1. Firstly: nice website! Second: in the future kids will get names like ArleyM_junior81 ;)
    On a serious note: SEO is just about creating good content & following web standards. Google’s algorythms are good :)

  2. ArleyM says:

    Thanks for the compliment on the site! I love the kids names, ha.

    That’s a really great point: Content is KING!

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