The Furniture Outlet

April 6th, 2009 | Recent Work

This weekend was one of those rare times when I do work outside of normal week day hours. My client at the Furniture Outlet in Kincardine was eager to get the new site up as soon as possible, and I was all too happy to accommodate the weird hours that come with retail.

Also notably;

  • this was the third client that I’ve been approached by in recent times who has been stung by another developer.
  • It’s the first site I used the CSS export from Fireworks
  • It’s my first live site that I worked on with a sub-contractor.

Check it out,

The Furniture Outlet

3 Responses to “The Furniture Outlet”

  1. Allan says:

    Site looks great arley. How much tinkering with CSS did you have to do?

    • Wak says:

      Thanks for the compliments on my phhrpgtaooy Ian.There is currently no better camera for low light work (like weddings) than the current crop of Nikon’s, I’m sure you have noticed a huge difference from your Olympus which starts off at a disadvantage by having a smaller sensor. The full frame Nikon’s I use are something special!I was serious about selling the d300 but its long gone! It was snapped up, these are still a current model and used by many in the industry.

  2. ArleyM says:

    Actually Furniture Outlet was the first site I had the layout CSS constructed by Fireworks. There was a plugin that I installed for CS3 (comes standard in CS4) that converts slices to divs.

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