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New Location, Same Service

August 18th, 2009 | Comment | Debut

It’s official, the McBlains and Debut Creative are moving from Kincardine to Burlington! Kristi and I have loved our time here in Kincardine and will cherish many memories here. Our first house, the friendly people, the sunsets and our friends. With a recent technical consultancy opportunity for my wife Kristi came the chance to be much closer to our family. Add to this the fact that we’d no longer be at the mercy of Bruce County winters, and it comes down to an offer to good to refuse!

What does this mean for me, the client of Debut Creative!?

Understandably this might worry some of my local Debut clients; but let me assure you that 95% of all the great work we do is for clients hundreds of kilometers away. With the exception of some understandable moving-related scatterbrainedness, it will be business-as-usual for DEBUT.

Using Dreamweaver FTP with a Team

June 26th, 2009 | 1 Comment | Tutorials

The Problem

When you have a site that multiple designers, developers or contributors might be working on you run the risk of stepping on one another’s toes, losing data, and at its worse; breaking something on your website. This can happen very easily. Take the following image as a very basic example. Let’s say you have a yellow page with an A on it. Person 1 decides the page should be blue, Person 2 decides the letter should be B. Both changes are done at once. Who ever uploads last has their change live on the site. (more…)

Issue Two: From the Depths

April 17th, 2009 | Comment | Newsletter

April 2009, Issue Two

Issue Three
Download Issue Two – April 2009 – From the Depths PDF 3.5MB


Twitter has been growing hugely in popularity this year. Even since the last issue of this newsletter thousands have joined up – and not just savvy nerds from San Fran.

Data Management

December 16th, 2008 | Comment | Work Flow

I can’t look back on this year without grimacing at the lesson hardest learned: data management. Since the first time I accidentally deleted project content (oops, forgot the “Where” on an SQL Update… heh.) I have always been a hardcore backup guy. My backups are so frequent that when my computer died in February 2008 I lost no data. The real problem was that my laptop HDD 80 gig capacity was too small. I only pulled what I needed off of my external drives, so my weekly backups started to become a mess. I have since rethought my entire backup system to keep things as organized as possible. (more…)