Project 1up: The Launch of Debut Creative

February 27th, 2009 | Debut

I’m entering my third year of freelance and contract work with my business identity Debut Creative, and the website still looks like a business card.

Yes, as a web designer and developer it is incredibly ironic that I don’t have a proper site. I have rationalized it in several ways:

  • I’m too busy with paying work
  • I’ve never needed to advertise at all, why start now?
  • I love irony

At the same time my colleague, long time friend, and business rival Tim Lum has an equally un-website for his studio PixelFlex.

Tim and I have a friendly competitiveness going on (despite the fact that we routinely subcontract to each other), so we have decided to take part in this years CSS Reboot. Essentially we are going to completely overhaul and respectively and launch Alpha on May 1st 2009. At the same time we are going to release “before” shots of our sites as they are before the reboot, along with some site traffic / popularity statistics.

After one year (May 1st, 2010) we are going to compare numbers again. Whichever studio site comes out on top in terms of popularity, wins! The losing studio will then donate time to the charity of the winners choice. We’ll have more details a little closer to the date.

This is a friendly and competitive way for Tim and I to pit our SEO and marketing wits against one another while hopefully finishing the sites that we may otherwise never make the time for.

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  1. ArleyM says:

    As you can clearly see, the Debut site has been upgraded from the image above into a proper beta version. This should hold us until the May 1st reboot.

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