Platform Agnostic

December 7th, 2009 | Industry, Work Flow

Unisys_Icon_System_s1I’ve always loved computers. The first computer I ever used on a regular basis was the Unisys Icon. You know, the one with the trackball. I would love to make a website on one today. That’s right: I would gladly develop on this beast right now. I’m not saying it would always be pleasant, but I could do it, and want to just because I can.

Today I work primarily on two machines: A robust PC desktop and an Apple MacBook Pro. I use the desktop by default as I love having three monitors for multitasking; but I rely on the laptop frequently for when I need  a change of environment or to work on the road.

I am refusing to take part in the Mac vs. PC debates anymore. These are just tools. Apple has some amazingly well marketed and well built machines (complete with hardware to drool over). PCs come with greater freedom, are cheaper and the wider base can mean more help from the nerds who write about this sort of stuff. Linux is a frontier I haven’t jumped into yet (it’s only a matter of time), but again it will be a User Interface accompanied by text, image and code editors.  I am confident that I could do my job on any machine.

Websites themselves are content (usually images and text) arranged in some kind of a logical layout. While the layouts are generally developed in XHTML, CSS or HTML, the content can be delivered in a number of ways including PHP, ASP, .Net, or XML. Whatever. I do have more experience with PHP, but the principles are the same across these platforms as well. Without code to recycle I might not develop as quickly as I would on a platform that I have resources handy for; but I can build a site in any language.

I have some confessions. I had Windows ME, and I thought it was fine. I thought Vista was a great improvement over XP, and I can’t wait to try Windows 7. If I woke up tomorrow with a deadline and only a Windows 95 box to do it with – no problem.

The platform doesn’t make the site. I do. :)

4 Responses to “Platform Agnostic”

  1. I was searching for a picture of an old Icon computer to show someone the old-school track wheel thing. Google found it here, on Debut Creative.

    What are the chances that Google would bring me to the site of the freelancer our company used. It’s a small Internet after all.

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