Irresistible Design

May 15th, 2009 | Debut

Some savvy WordPress theme junkies may recognize this websites design (as of May 1, 2009) to be the Woo Theme Irresistible. As a web designer / developer I’m always hesitant to use themes, usually opting to design from scratch, or at the very least drastically overhaul a theme to fit a design.

It wasn’t easy to use a theme with so little reformatting; but several factors pushed me this way.

  1. TIME: After three years I had had/made no time to work on my own site. It was impossible to get a site ready for the May 1st challenge otherwise.
  2. PAIN: Every agency / designer knows the very hardest job to do is design & develop your own site. Building on a theme is a huge shortcut, one I decided worth taking.
  3. LOVLINESS: This Woo Theme is very well built. I set out looking for a two column theme, and found this one with lots of delightful extras. Why reinvent the wheel, when this is very close to what I was setting out to make myself?

After making the decision to use a theme I did a lot of snooping around at paid-themes, but finally decided on this free Woo Theme. I kind of wanted to go with a paid theme, if only to see it on the web less. Irresistible however, was very well named.

I highly recommend Woo Themes as the CSS / Admin controls are second to nothing else I’ve seen.

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