November 4th, 2009 | Recent Work

Since the launch of the DEBUT site I have wanted to have a simple clean site to act as an index to the places where I spend the most time on the web. As vcard / business card websites are all the vogue in the last few months I decided this was the perfect time to execute. solves a number of problems for me; not the least of which it will catch the people who hear, but phonetically misunderstand ““, and hopefully improve my search engine ranking on just “Arley”. More than that, I find personal projects an awesome opportunity to cut my teeth on new technology and practices. was my first foray into HTML5 and CSS3. While the site isn’t completely done up in the newest markup (I do want this site to look decent in older browsers!) I was able to get a bit nerdy with some new layout and style practices.

In anticipation of the new printed DEBUT business card I also wanted this site to act as my ‘card’ in a much more literal way. I have designed this site with the mobile user in mind. Android, iPhone and other smartphone users should be able to experience the site perfectly – and without zooming or horizontal scrolling (when viewing in landscape), and hopefully with very little vertical scroll.

Would love to know what you think: - Actual size

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