Introducing Debut Creative (all over again)

May 4th, 2009 | Debut

It’s been nearly three years since I conceived the name Debut Creative, a lot has happened in that time.

Since 2006 I moved away from the city I lived in for twenty years, I left my comfortable job as the New Media Developer of a marketing agency, I married, bought a house, and I estimate that I have worked on up to forty websites – but I never worked on my own website.

You know what they say; there’s always something wrong with the mechanics car. I was fine not having a site as I was so busy working on paying client sites. I could only put it off for so long however. 

In addition to my May 1st website launch contest with Pixel Flex there are many reasons to have an online presence - and it’s the same reasons I tell my clients:

  • It shows you’re relevant and current
  • You need to meet your target audiences expectations
  • It’s an investment in SEO for when you need it

BasicallyI need to take my own medicine. 

It’s been a long time coming, so I hope you enjoy it. I will be making journal posts regularly, newsletters every month or two for the time being, and launching a portfolio in the coming months. It’s exciting work – I love making the time to work on my own brand.

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