Debut Creative Changes Lanes

February 4th, 2010 | Debut

I really love this job.

For the last three years I have been extremely fortunate as I’ve run Debut Creative. I have worked with some great clients on great projects. I have learned so much about other areas of this business, and I have broadened my skill set tremendously.

Recently my wife and I moved to the GTA, and we learned that we are going to be parents! With all of this I find myself yearning for some predictability and stability in my job. Plus, who wants to work when in the next room is an adorable baby?! I began to crave something different than the life of a freelance / contract designer.

Yesterday I took a job as a Web Designer with Thrillworks in Burlington. This incredible team produce some very high end enterprise websites for notable clients across the country… maybe the world! I am really ecstatic about the chance to work with these people. Here’s more in depth how I landed this job.

With this news comes great change for Debut Creative. I will no longer be taking client projects, or working outside of Thrillworks; I am slowly winding down the last few projects. If you’re looking for a freelancer please email me and I can make some recommendations.

My inbox is always open, stay in touch.


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  1. Lori Garcia says:

    Hi, I found ‘you’ searching google for info about converting a website from asp to wordpress .. plz forgive me as I really don’t know even what that means, except that’s what I think we need to do .. some people tell me it cannot be done, while others say it can .. ranging in price from usd $100 to $35 per hour excpect 100 hours .. ouch .. can you make any recommendations? We are a mom&pop biz (we now solely broker like a travel agent of sorts) and have an extremely tight budget .. but we know we need to bring our site into modern time so we can compete .. with thanks and every best wish, and CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a parent! Lori

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