Change of Contact Information Coming Soon

October 1st, 2009 | Debut

After three years of working out of Kincardine my wife and I are moving to the city (and to think I almost made it through half of my business cards!) If you hadn’t heard already ( Kristi and I are moving to be much closer to our family. Kristi has taken a new job in Toronto as a Technical Consultant. We intend to live in Burlington, but our house hasn’t sold yet, so we’ll be in a bit of limbo for a number of weeks.

In the weeks that follow Debut Creative may be up to 4.5% harder to contact! Here is some updated info.

Email: as always will be [email protected] or which ever address you commonly contact me at. I will still check this fiendishly often.

Skype: I will endeavour to be online much more for handy Skype calls with my user Arley McBlain

Mobile: Until further notice I will still be using my mobile number of 519-386-1442 – As roaming charges may get wild, I will likely want to call you back.

Phone: I will no longer be answering my Kincardine Home Office number!

Snail Mail: My PO Box  will be checked somewhat periodically until we move, at which point I’ll hook you up with the new details. If you need to send me something please contact me and I can let you know where would be a better place to send to for punctual reception.

To make sure you’re in the loop you can check out my “Current Contact Info” on my website here I will update my contact page and this post promptly as things change. When I change my mobile number to a GTA number I will let you know!

As always I value working with you, I look forward to getting out of these wild and harried transition times. Sorry in advance if I get a little scatterbrained!

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