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Browser Testing: A BrowserCam walk-through

October 14th, 2009 | 33 Comments | Industry

Your website exists to be seen. When you build a website you want it to work for as many people as possible. Sadly, not everyone uses a modern browser so it is vital to test your site – especially if the target demographic includes large corporations (who may have no choice which browser they use) or people less likely to be upgrading their software (Google discovered that many people don’t even know what a browser is, so they took it upon themselves to educate them).

Using Debut Creative’s modest traffic as an example you can see I am getting traffic from a very wide array of browsers. (more…)

Change of Contact Information Coming Soon

October 1st, 2009 | Comment | Debut

After three years of working out of Kincardine my wife and I are moving to the city (and to think I almost made it through half of my business cards!) If you hadn’t heard already ( Kristi and I are moving to be much closer to our family. Kristi has taken a new job in Toronto as a Technical Consultant. We intend to live in Burlington, but our house hasn’t sold yet, so we’ll be in a bit of limbo for a number of weeks.

In the weeks that follow Debut Creative may be up to 4.5% harder to contact! Here is some updated info. (more…)