Campus Trails

Campus Trails

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Case Study One: Campus Trails

I felt very fortunate to win the Campus Trails job early in 2008; it was officially the first job I would be pitching on against local full blown agencies.

Nipissing University and Canadore College not only share a campus, but a beautiful 12km trail network. It was exciting to win this as I have been enjoying the trails as a hiker since I was a kid.

The trails themselves needed branding to educate prospective students of one more wonderful perk to this campus. There was also an urgent need to update the maps and signage – that were there when I was a lad!


The branding for this project was a lot of fun; I was given quite a bit of creative freedom. The trails were until this point diplomatically named “Canadore College and Nipissing University Education Center Trails Network“. I presented several name ideas, and my #1 “Campus Trails” was picked.

With the request for a logo came some suggestions, including the integration of trees, trails and the amazing Duchesnay waterfall. This is a lot for an iconic graphical communication to contain, but I feel like this logo captures these elements well in their basic forms.



The website itself is simple and clean; providing only the information the casual hiker or environmental enthusiast would want. All other information and links are made as secondary. The site was built in XHTML using Dreamweaver Templates (and would be the very last site I would use a tabular layout).

You can view the site at


A lot of signage was needed on the trails themselves. 12km leaves a lot of room to get lost! Work included trail signs, “You Are Here” maps and large maps of the entire network. The maps were made using GPS tracking of a hiker’s actual trek through all 12km. The coordinates were then translated into paths which then had to be (somewhat painstakingly) combined into single vector paths and simplified. You can download your own copy of the map here.

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